The Legion comes …

So Legion creeps ever closer – after waiting so long for new content, suddenly there almost seems too much to do.  And a lot of it seems to be not particularly well documented.

Oh the bigger things that came with the pre-expansion patch were well known .. the wardrobe and the class changes for example.

But some things have taken me by surprise – the number of things that have gained “toy status” was nice and fairly easy to deal with, but then you look at your professions tabs – sneak a peek at the “unlearned” section (unlearned?  Doesn’t that imply we knew it once?) and realise there is a massive list of things that you have not yet learned – not even including the ones not in the game yet.

Some of these are new and can be bought off various vendors, but others are just patterns that you somehow missed along the way.  Most people will probably just shrug those off, but I just know at some point I’m going to want to start going through that list.

Speaking of vendors – I learned recently of a new vendor in the sewers in Dalaran (Northrend) that spawns only occasionally and then buggers off, who sells a toy and a couple of other interesting class-specific items.  I’ve still not managed to get him, although I now have a couple of alts parked where he spawns in the hope I’ll be lucky.  At least I used the time well, going through talents and sorting out my UI on the various alts there.

Once I’ve got him, I’ll have to work through the useful list on Wowhead.

Not long after the patch, the first Doomsayers arrived in the main towns.  You could speak to these to receive a pamphlet and, if you collected all 12, you gained an achievement – “It All Makes Sense Now“.  This achievement does not show up on your list until you’ve completed it, and takes a while if you’re doing it the conventional way as there is a cooldown between receiving pamphlets.

Currently, there is a trick to this, as the cooldown is removed when you die.  So what a few of us in guild did was find a doomsayer near a graveyard, then drop to our deaths close to it – resurrect taking resurrection sickness and run/fly back to the doomsayer for another pamphlet.  There’s some useful information on this post on Wowhead.

Then there is this new fishing thing that I only learned about yesterday.  I don’t know if it’s “as intended” or a bug, but suddenly fishing has become the big thing as people set up raid groups to fish in garrisons, to try and get the mounts: Riding Turtle and Sea Turtle.

I already had one of these, but joined a group just basically to see what it was all about.  I have the achievement needed in order to take part but it was difficult to get into a group regardless.  I signed up for 5 different groups before I managed to get into one – I wasn’t particularly prepared as my bags filled up pretty quickly (you have to loot the cavedwellers that spawn, as far as I can tell, in order to be in with a chance of getting the mounts) but contributed as much as I was able – yet I was still kicked out of the group, I assume for not fishing fast enough, although there was no explanation.

As least I’ll be prepared for next time – or may set up one myself so I can avoid those pug leaders that have a superiority complex.

The other thing I’ve obviously had to do, is sort out my addons – most seem to have survived the patch fairly well, but there was one notable exception – Auctioneer.  I know it usually takes a while longer than the rest to update, because there’s so much to it, but having gone through the 700+ salvage crates (!!) that I’d had stashed across my account, I had lots of stuff to auction off and just couldn’t wait.

I did a bit of research and discovered Auctionator.  For what I needed, this was perfect.  It simply checks to see if what you’re selling is already on the auction house and then gives you an undercut value to post with (which you can adjust).  In fact this part of it was much easier than Auctioneer.  So I’ve now switched to that.

I’d also been struggling with the wardrobe.  It is a brilliant system and a breath of fresh air as far as my creaking bags, bank and void storage were concerned.  The main problem was – I wasn’t really sure that everything was saved there, without checking first.

I checked the first few, then after that just the occasional thing, and then by pure chance discovered that one of the items I’d been holding on to was NOT stored by the wardrobe.

So I turned to addons again, did a bit canimogitof research and came across “Can I Mog It?” – which is excellent.  It will tell you if you already have a look stored in your wardrobe, if it was gained by a different item, if you can learn it, if you can learn it on a different character or if it can’t be added to the wardrobe at all.  It has the occasional glitch currently – boiling down to it sometimes saying you haven’t learned an item, but another class can – yet when you transfer it to that character it turns out you have already learned it.  But that is easily dealt with.

I can highly recommend that addon for anyone who is interested in adding to their wardrobe.

Now I’ve got all those sorted, I have a new mission to go back through various raids and instances to fill in the blanks – and to find all those tier tokens I have lying around, to get them exchanged for even more items!

7 thoughts on “The Legion comes …

  1. Oh no, I haven’t even looked at profession changes. I can see that this will become the next obsession for me.. tracking down all the unlearned recipes.

    I see on the beta that you can drop a profession and if you re-learn it you will re-learn all your legion recipes. I hope something like that will be back-dated to all expansion recipes because I casually dropped JC on Z the other day and then immediately realised she had spent weeks grinding rep and doing dailies for JC patterns that were gated. While it won’t help Z now, it would be good to know I can change professions in the future and not lose all the hard work I’ve done if I eventually change back.

    • I have to confess that the first time I opened that “unlearned” tab in my professions, I did a little squeak and my brain very nearly went into meltdown – I keep finding lists of things I want to complete and when I saw that one I just closed it quickly and backed away :p

      However, there are some that I want to get now, which I’ve started on – the enchanting illusions:

      As for the recipes .. I’m not sure you’ll be able to relearn all your previous ones. You will probably be able to simply re-purchase those relates to rep, because your rep will not have dropped when you switched profession, and It seems there will be some method in place for getting SOME lost recipes back, but not all. This was a reply to a similar question that Blizzard made on their Professions Q&A:

      “As a crafter in Legion there are a number of quests which reward recipes. Once you do that quest it is no longer available to recomplete. If you drop a profession, select another and train, then change professions back to the original profession you cannot complete the quest again. Instead there will be items which allow you to relearn those recipes awarded from quests. Pre-Legion items may not be available from these items unless it is an item like the previous question, a rare recipe which is an iconic item. The intent isn’t to allow players to change professions on a whim.”

  2. Sadly, for me… achievements and collecting toys doesn’t really interest me D:. I am not a hardcore raider or anything, but im a raid or die type of person. For me the game is about enjoyment of the gameplay itself rather than… wait we discussed this before on Z’s post, nvm. However… I am a huge sucker for Wardrobe! 😀 😀 so far I am pretty fortunate to have collected most of the appearances I wanted during early parts of WoD- I do need more weapon skins though, I also want to farm some old raids like ToT, but I heard solo-ing old raids suck until we get to 110 since our toons are gimped versions of what they are right now.

    • I’ve not been back to any old raids yet because I have been concentrating on other things (like fishing!!). I got my second turtle mount yesterday after joining another garrison raid group, along with a load of other fishing goodies and I’m still working on nat pagle rep to be able to purchase his pets, mount, etc (yes, I am that sad!) – however, there have been plenty in guild who have been running old raids and no-one has mentioned having any particular problems. Perhaps it depends on the raid and the class.

      I know you say achievements and collecting toys don’t interest you .. but the wardrobe is along the same lines – there are achievements linked to it and it is just another form of collecting.

      My husband is similar in a way – he does occasionally go through phases of wanting to do all the achievements in an old raid, or run a specific raid or dungeon over and over for a mount, but the majority of his game-play is directed towards making him perform comparatively well in a raid – once he’s done that and there are no substantial upgrades, he loses interest. Especially if there’s cricket on TV :p

  3. Fun posting! I’ve added Transmog Token to work with Can I Mog It; so if I run, say, Black Temple I can learn where to turn in the token for the look.
    Our little corner of Azeroth has us running for the weapon illusion enchants. It’s kept us busy while waiting for the Invasions. I have focused a lot on the illusions in Draenor since they take group work and as we move on, I don’t want to move back.

    • Ahh cool! Thank you for the tip about Transmog Token .. that’s one of the jobs I have yet to do. I have a pile of tokens that I’ve not yet redeemed – brilliant that it tells you where to redeem them too!

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