Being “cheap” takes time …

I realised (following prompting) that once again I’d neglected this blog.  My main problem is a combination of poor time management and being “Yorkshire” which, together with having the attention span of a cocker spaniel, combine to make having a good chunk of time to write anything vaguely readable a bit of a challenge.


In effect, we’ve had lots of expense over the last few months that I’ve spent vast amounts of time trying to reduce to a minimum.  We’ve ordered a new car to replace the one that we’ve had for about 15 years and now is developing its own version of old age  – most problems for which the garage can’t find an easy solution.  We’ve had a computer that needed replacing, and a graphics card on another that also needed replacing – new school uniforms to buy (yet again!  grrrr), a college to sort out and decisions to make over what to do during the summer school holidays.

Being proudly “Yorkshire” originally, where the folk are renowned for having “short arms and deep pockets” (ie, they don’t like spending money!), I’ve spent huge amounts of time scanning the internet for various deals, vouchers, cash-back offers and doing research on all options.

We’re also, of course, in the growing season – admittedly here in the North of England it started off fairly late with the sun only deigning to appear within the last few weeks – so we’ve been harvesting and trying to work out what to do with a variety of home grown food including strawberries, raspberries, white currants, rhubarb and new potatoes.  We’ve also now got beetroot, two different types of beans, peas, courgette, salad leaves, sweetcorn, tomatoes and squash growing, that we’re hoping have had a suitable boost over the last couple weeks of sun.  Because looking at the current weather and the forecast that may be all they’re going to get!

I’m trying to make an effort to be organised .. I regularly write myself lists of things to do, I have a Google calendar that syncs up to my computer and phone that is chock full of things we need to do on certain days, together with “tentative” events that I know need to be done, but haven’t firmed up when, yet.

In between all that, I’m having to do the usual housework and tackle an ironing pile that just seems to grow of its own accord.

There is usually something wandering around the internet that talks of someone who starts off their day with just one thing to do, yet in the process keeps finding other things to do – finally reaching the end of the day and realising that one thing – it’s still waiting to be done.  That’s usually me, only there’s never only ONE thing!



2 thoughts on “Being “cheap” takes time …

  1. Sprowt,

    Real life and its responsibilities is sort of like… work that needs to be done. It will always be there, doesn’t matter how much you do- or when you do it, because there will always be more- remember those daily quests you always had to do in WoW to unlock rep or a certain amount of badges you need to get that upgrade? yea well- those things are the same thing in real life, except! you can’t just stop doing them once you get what you want because there is more to do that is required?!

    So what am I saying? Procrastinate! let the Whispers of the old gods consume you while you get sucked back into Azeroth! 😀 😀

    • Real life always comes first – it has to. If you have no responsibilities other than to yourself then I would say that although it wouldn’t be fine, at least it would only impact yourself.

      Those dailies in-game will always be there, regardless of what self-imposed time limit you place on yourself, however, that MOT that needs sorting on the car; the gifts you need to buy for birthdays; the bills that need paying; the uniforms you have to buy before the kids go back to school – those things HAVE to be done.

      Having said that, there is nothing wrong with putting some time aside for yourself to do what you want – indeed I would view it as healthy. I still play WoW virtually every day – sometimes I may only get in for 30-60 minutes, but most days I’ll spend a good few hours there. And often during my “me” time, even if I’m not in-game, I’ll be doing something related to it – I’m the Guild Leader and Website admin/creator, so there’s plenty of related admin to be done there too.

      What I’m trying to say is … my WoW play time has not greatly suffered due to real life – only my blog writing time :p

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