I talk a lot.  I write a lot.  I type a lot.  I just never seem to get round to doing any of these things in the right places, at the right times.  So this is my attempt (possibly doomed to failure before I even start) to write about stuff.  Anything really.  It could be about what is happening in my life (not a lot, other than running about for sprowtlets), work (ditto, only for bigger sprowts), or play.

I suspect most of it is probably going to be about play (although some comments about the local weather may sneak their way in).  Play at the moment is primarily focussed on my online gaming in a massive, multiplayer, online game that you may possibly have heard about – World of Warcraft.   Indeed, the name of the blog has its inspiration from a character that, some time in the future, I shall start playing.  She’s going to be small, she’s going to be green, and she’s going to be scary.  Hence the name 😉

And here she is in all her level 1 glory:

First Sprowt