An Unexpected Gift

I’m a really bad blogger. I readily admit that. I don’t write enough, I don’t spend enough time thinking about writing stuff. Most of the time the gubbins I do write has come about because I’m REALLY miffed about something and want to get it off my chest – so I probably come across as a very grumpy person!

It’s mainly to do with being very unorganised in my private life … at work I kinda try to be VERY organised … and I think there must be some sort of yin and yang action going on, that balances that out elsewhere in my life.

Anyway … because I’m constantly trying to catch up on stuff, certain things had to give. I very rarely check my twitter feed anymore because that just eats up my hours. I only read a few other blogs and even then (bear, I’m looking at you!) sometimes that takes a while – enjoyable though it is (I love the bear-wall, possibly because I’m a little bit prone to it myself!). I guess generally I’m just easily distracted.

So imagine my surprise when, following one of my very few comments on someone else’s blog, I got an email from the blogger in question!

The Daily Frostwolf has been a regular read for me for a while, since Bear introduced me to it, and its writer, Navimie. She’s very talented, obviously manages her time a heck of a lot better than I do, and writes about stuff that interests me.

She wrote me a little poem:

I remember your first visit
Supportive, warm and kind.
I wrote for you this little verse -
I hope that you don't mind :)

I wonder how your goblin is
No posts since October!
I wonder if you still play WoW...
I'd like to pop over!
I’d just like to say that it brightened up my day no end .. thank you 😉