Proud Puppy

Last night, a fairly impromptu group of members from my WoW guild gathered to finally have a decent bash at Trial of the Crusader.

I know a lot of the more “serious” guilds have gone way past this raid as far as progression is concerned, but we’re a fairly laid back, casual guild who prefers to kick back and relax rather than get stressed over head-butting the same boss over and over again until he simply dies from boredom.

Normally we manage to scrape 10 together from in-guild – we don’t like to inflict our “casual” ways on others who may not understand nor agree, and we wouldn’t want others to try and inflict their standards on us.   But last night we struggled to get a group up – for example, despite only having around about an hour available to play last night, I got roped in to heal with my Holy Priest.

Not that I didn’t want to go, you understand.  More … once I was there, I knew I’d not want to leave, but I had to because I was up early in the morning (still middle of the night really!) in order to get to work.

Even with myself in attendance, we still only had 9 so ended up pugging a 10th.  I’m gonna make an honourable mention here of the guy because he put up with us, our long silences as we explained and discussed each fight on ventrilo – he even tried to join in on the conversation but was unable to for some technical reason.  Anyway – thanks for putting up with us Rangeow – you were a pleasure to work with.

As it was, the first boss went down fairly easily (the pair of worms causing most of the chaos and leaving a couple of team members watching the rest of the fight from the sidelines).  By that time we had reached my logging off time, but another guild member had logged in by then and agreed at very short notice (2 seconds worth!) to come and replace me.   Apparently he did really well both in his role and helping the rest of the group through the next 3 bosses – so thats only the final boss left!  Fingers crossed he goes down easily, and that next time we’re there for a full bash at it I’m there for the achievement!