The Joy of Pugs

Just a short one … I’ve been trying to sneak in the odd instance run to get poor old Sprowt levelled a little and, on the whole, I’m rather enjoying it.  But when did virtually EVERY SINGLE pugger become an arse?

I’ve been zoning in as usual, ready to go, prepared for the usual go-go tank who doesn’t wait for the rest of the group to turn up before pulling, for the inevitable hunter who Needs on EVERY .. SINGLE … THING … and then lies about it, for the split in the group where the tank goes one way and at least one dps goes another (and then I get blamed for letting someone die!), for the tank who decides everyone else needs to run constantly to keep up .. even the dead …

However, I knew it was going to be a bad one today when I zoned in and the first thing the tank said was:

 [Snorärgott-Azuremyst]: if the healer sucks i report u bitch to the cop

Then proceeded to pull a couple groups of mobs and a random rare, without bothering to keep aggro .. and then shouted at me to heal him.

I have to admit I did lose my temper a little bit and swore at him … and because I really couldn’t be responsible for my actions when I got the inevitable backlash from his death, I reincarnated, left the group, reported and ignored him.  If we’re really lucky, enough healers will put him on ignore and he’ll have a hard time getting a group.

Rather ironic that the current guild he is in, is called “Socialize” … he obviously needs to work on that a bit …


An Unexpected Gift

I’m a really bad blogger. I readily admit that. I don’t write enough, I don’t spend enough time thinking about writing stuff. Most of the time the gubbins I do write has come about because I’m REALLY miffed about something and want to get it off my chest – so I probably come across as a very grumpy person!

It’s mainly to do with being very unorganised in my private life … at work I kinda try to be VERY organised … and I think there must be some sort of yin and yang action going on, that balances that out elsewhere in my life.

Anyway … because I’m constantly trying to catch up on stuff, certain things had to give. I very rarely check my twitter feed anymore because that just eats up my hours. I only read a few other blogs and even then (bear, I’m looking at you!) sometimes that takes a while – enjoyable though it is (I love the bear-wall, possibly because I’m a little bit prone to it myself!). I guess generally I’m just easily distracted.

So imagine my surprise when, following one of my very few comments on someone else’s blog, I got an email from the blogger in question!

The Daily Frostwolf has been a regular read for me for a while, since Bear introduced me to it, and its writer, Navimie. She’s very talented, obviously manages her time a heck of a lot better than I do, and writes about stuff that interests me.

She wrote me a little poem:

I remember your first visit
Supportive, warm and kind.
I wrote for you this little verse -
I hope that you don't mind :)

I wonder how your goblin is
No posts since October!
I wonder if you still play WoW...
I'd like to pop over!
I’d just like to say that it brightened up my day no end .. thank you 😉