The Slippery Slope

I have been playing wow for a number of years now – I wasn’t there from the start but I feel that I have earned my wings to some extent.

I enjoyed playing the game, exploring it, finding new things to do but most of all I enjoyed that it was constantly changing- new areas, races, experiences – and I enjoyed experiencing the process that we went through each time something new was about to happen.

I would read the forums and the blogs and laugh at or pity those who complained because it was all going to change and, because they either enjoyed complaining or had no trust in the team who make the changes, complained that it was bound to end up worse.

Now yes, I realise that with a lot of major patches there were a few problems – addons not working, glitches in encounters, even getting stuck in trees! But all in all I had faith that Blizzard knew what they were doing – I was confident that they had the game and the Warcraft story’s best interest at heart.

And then they made the announcement that shook my faith to it’s core – they announced that Real ID would be required in order to use their forums – meaning that if you posted you would be forced to use your real name. And then when people complained they said it was optional – if you wanted to post it had to display your real name – but you had the option of not posting.

I’m not going to repeat the many forum posts and blogs out there who have demonstrated how bad this would be on many levels – I’ll just concentrate on how I feel. And that is for the first time since I have grown to love this game I’ve felt that those who are providing it don’t give a damn about us, the common gamer. Yes they want our money and therefore keep us ticking along generally, but they have now demonstrated that ultimately they have a lack of actual consideration as to how WE feel. It was basically a “like it or tough” decision.

I know that since then – following a massive outcry by the gaming public – blizzard have changed their minds about the real names on forums idea, but the very fact that THEY thought it was a good idea shatters my confidence in them knowing what is right for the game. Which makes me very sad and makes me wonder how much longer World of Warcraft, the massive multiplayer online roleplaying game will exist.