Three’s a Crowd

Since my first (main) character, my priest, reached 90, I’ve basically been pottering.  Well, that was the theory.  I had no strict idea of which characters to level in which order – and to be honest I kinda like it that way.  Things just then happen almost by accident – it’s like getting an achievement you didn’t even know about, or getting to a new level simply by discovering a new area.  Perhaps its just me .. I am easily amused sometimes!

Anyway, as mentioned in a previous post, I levelled my resto/moonkin druid second and then, because I’m a bit of a collector of pets and mounts, I decided to concentrate on my hunter for a bit.  Apart from the fact that she’s a blood elf and just looks gosh darned good in any old thing she chucks on, hunter levelling is a breeze, I wanted to play a bit with the new hunter pets and she’s a jewelcrafter, so I could start working towards those very sexy jewelcrafting mounts.  Which, by the way … HOW MUCH?!  Blimey they’re going to take some work 😛

I was taking my time with her .. fitting it in around finishing off a few bits with my priest and starting to gear up my druid – then two things happened.  First, Valentines snuck up on us, and i decided that, as my hunter was pretty close to level 89, I’d push on, so that I’ve increase my chances for that love rocket (although not by a lot!).  Secondly, someone mentioned in guild chat about a hunter pet that would no longer be tamable come the next patch.

The pet could only be found in the Dread Wastes and I really didn’t want to be hunting it down “on foot”, which meant that, ideally, I’d need to reach 90.

So the other day, I got the achievement “Terrific Trio” as my third character hit max level.  Straight to town to learn flying *sigh of relief* .. then over to Dread Wastes.


I was a bit vague about how exactly to get this pet .. its a strange maggot type creature that doesn’t exist by itself, but leaps off certain “infected” creatures in Dread Wastes, but in the end it wasn’t too bad.  My normal technique for taming is simply to dismiss my current pet (ensuring I have space for a new one!), stick an ice trap down, get the pet into the trap and then tame at my leisure as the thing stares at me frozen a few inches from my face.  But I couldn’t really do that with these, as the “host” creature would still be pounding on me.  In the end, I simply hit the “host” a few times to loosen the maggots, froze HIM in place, and then just took the hits from the maggots as they attacked .. they didn’t hit very hard so it was easy enough.  And once I had a tame maggot, he helped with the cleaning up 🙂

Now I don’t know if this will be changed in the future .. but this maggot is ginormous!!