A Change of Pace

Here in the EU, we had a very long maintenance on our WoW servers last Wednesday and, while Blizzard were fiddling with the undercarriage of their servers, something happened to curtail my play time rather considerably.  From that point until now, so far, I’ve been unable to log into my home server (ie, the one I play on most often).  Following experimentation, there are lots of servers I’m unable to log into, but weirdly, some I can.  Most of those I can log into are in the same few battlegroups, but just to make things more interesting, that isn’t always the case.

Strangely, I’m also unable to view my main guild information on the Armories whilst on the profile of a character in that guild.


It’s a lie, I tell you

Apparently all I’m able to do on my main realms is successfully view the realm list and see that others are able to log on … *sigh*

In the meantime, I’ve had an enforced change of pace … the ironing pile hasn’t been this low for quite some time, I’ve been bugging Blizzard on the support forums and I’ve been having a play in the Warlords Beta.

I do kinda feel like I’ve arrived at the Beta in the middle, as there are a lot of “regular” people this time that were invited to the Alpha (ie, not a “private” friends and family test) … so people are often referring to places I’ve not seen.

Beta is very obviously still Beta … there are graphical glitches all over the place, NPC’s in positions and places they obviously shouldn’t be, “placeholders” for everything from NPC’s to quest items and fairly major phasing issues.  However, it does still delight at times.

Weirdly .. it’s the small stuff often that surprises me.  A couple of expansions back, Blizzard introduced a change that blew my socks off and I still marvel at today – the change in the way water looked and reacted.  They changed it so that it acted more like water … you walked through it and left ripples in your wake, it reflected the area around it.  Even now I often deliberately change my route so that I’m able to paddle through water!

Beta introduced a new effect …. now, when you walk through tall fronds of grass or fields of flowers, they are pushed to the side.  This was the first moment in Beta when I did a little “squee” out loud.   I also spent a considerable amount of time walking forwards and backwards through flowers .. mounted and unmounted .. in fact I was concentrating on flowers so much, that I didn’t notice this in the background:

What the ...

What the …

Next thing I knew, I was dead … so of course I got back up and tracked it down:

Yes ... that is me hiding behind the building .. !!

Yes … that is me hiding behind the building .. !!

I ended up in a secondary raid group to try and kill this world boss … meaning there was already 40 in one group and ours filled up fairly fast too … but someone may have been watching, because about 5 minutes before we would have killed it, the server died.  A couple of days later I WAS in a group who managed to kill it, but obviously no loot table has been assigned to this guy yet.  Be aware, when you do come across him … he hits hard at long distance .. the best tactic seems to be to stay at range in front of him.

Other than that, I’ve been having a play with the Garrison, which is a new feature of the next expansion and a version of “player housing”.

I used to play, many moons ago, an MMO called Ultima Online – that is the first and only time so far that I’ve encountered player housing and that was TRUE player housing.  Everyone could buy and place their own house, or club together and buy a bigger house – up to castle sized.  You could pretty much place a house wherever you wanted, where you found the right sized space – the “house” started off simply as a building plot of a specific size and you made your own design – you could decorate it how you liked, you could make or buy the furnishings, you could place chests to put your treasure in, and you could lock the house up or leave it open.

I’d love if Blizzard could do something like that, but for now, we have Garrisons.  My experience of the Garrison is rather limited at the moment, and plagued with bugs on the beta – mainly due to phasing issues and a problem with the follower quests, however, it does have great potential.

One of the major problems I’d seen in Ultima was the eventual lack of buildable space – Blizzard combats this by making the Garrison phased.  Only you (or someone you are grouped with) can see and enter your garrison.  Everyone’s Garrison is on the same plot, but phased – so you can only ever see one at a time.

In Warlords, the Garrison is more of a village .. you have various NPC’s wandering about, you have a couple of basic plots already occupied and then you have to go out into the world and discover the plans in order to build more buildings.

Your new "home", should you choose ..

Your new “home”, should you choose ..

Planning your Garrison layout

Planning your Garrison layout

Hurrah!  New building plans ..

Hurrah! New building plans ..

Did you notice the hippo-type creature in the background … you can tame those with your hunter!  Very cute looking, but rather heavy on their feet …



On my travels I’ve also found numerous “treasures” .. similar to the chests on Timeless Isle or the Treasures of Pandaria, these are one-off finds per character than will give you various goodies .. sometimes it will be a trinket, a piece of armor or a useful item of some sort, other times it will be professional materials or stuff to help build your garrison.  Depending on your highlighting options (as default, currently, there is now a “highlight” around “useful things” … NPC’s that you are needing to talk to for a quest are often outlined in yellow, for example) … the “treasures” are outlined in purple.

I’ve also encountered numerous “rare” mobs .. the ones with the silver dragon around their character plate.  These are shown on your minimap, when nearby, with a skull – some are fairly easy to kill, others sometimes require a little help – they currently don’t seem to be “taggable” meaning that anyone who helps with the kill gets some loot .. and they ALWAYS drop their specific loot for anyone who loots them.  Another change is that they are only rare the first time around .. if you spot them again later, they will no longer be “rare” and will just be treated as a normal mob as far as loot is concerned .. however, they do still seem to retain their “rare” attacks and health (or at least the couple I’ve killed twice, have).

Speaking of loot, there now appears to be an extra possibility when killing mobs … there is apparently now the chance that, instead of getting a “green” quality item, it may be upgraded to a blue or even purple quality.

Another change, which may be a nod towards Rift or Wildstar, is the bonus quests.  As you are exploring, entering certain areas will just pop-up bonus quests for that area – which I suppose is an upgrade to those quests where you used to kill something by chance, and it would have an additional quest as loot.

Finally, for now, one of the first things I did when I got into the Beta, was look to the skies.  No .. not because I was soooo greatful!! ….. because one of the main things I loved about outland was the sky, and the moons in it.  The sky still looks pretty impressive …

Oooooh ... pretty!!

Oooooh … pretty!!


Wildstar .. first thoughts

There seems to be a lot of hype and excitement around this new MMO, so when I was offered the opportunity to try it out during one of the beta weekends I decided to have a go.

The basics seemed fairly simple .. two factions, each with various races to choose from.  Each race has multiple classes (various different damage dealing, protection or healing type classes) – and some of those classes were restricted to only some races.  In addition to this, there is also an extra choice .. your “path”.  This is related to how you want to play the game … explorer, scientist, soldier or settler.  The path you choose influences additional bonus quests you receive.

My first Wildstar character .. nicknamed "ewok" ...

My first Wildstar character .. nicknamed “ewok” …

First impressions showed the graphics to be slick and high quality, if rather “cute” and cartoon-like.  I found the controls to be easy enough to understand (very similar to most other MMO’s), although I found that turning my character on the spot using the keyboard was very slow, compared to doing the same thing with the mouse.  I also found that, during the first beta weekend I attempted, the quest system was overwhelming.  The main problems I encountered were failing to understand exactly what the quest required of me, and failing to understand how to find the quest location.

The combination of these rather put me off the game and, when invited to try out the next beta weekend, I made very little effort to get there.

However … as there was one final beta weekend up for grabs, I felt I should have a proper go at it – not least because others had said that, although the initial quests weren’t brilliant, things really opened up once down onto the main planet.

So I headed back into the game and created a new character .. this one even more “cute” than the last, with very improbable dimensions.

Cute cat girl

Cute cat girl

I found the game to be improved from the previous time I’d played .. either the interface had become more intuitive, or I’d just got my brain working this time.  However, I did still think that the learning curve was still pretty steep.  In one way that is a plus .. there is so much to learn and master that it’s certainly not a short-term thing – it encourages you to play more, to delve more deeply, to read up on it.  But I suspect some could be completely put off by it.

One of the main problems I’d had the first time I’d played, was trying to work out where quest locations were .. this time I discovered that you could simply click on the quest shown on the screen and a temporary arrow would appear to give you an idea of direction, complete with a distance indicator.  Of course, you still have to work out the best way to get to that location, and it’s not quite as helpful when you’re operating on multiple levels, but it gives you a starting point.

Once down on the planet, after completing the starter quests, the landscaped improved .. the vistas were lovely, although I did feel sometimes that it could do with being toned down a bit .. some of those colours were VERY vivid, especially when you were subjected to random bright flashes (which happened regularly as part of some of the earlier quests).


A few things surprised me about the way the world worked .. after playing one MMO for so many years, I’ve gotten used to how things work .. so when I was almost trampled to death by a load of non-aggressive but stampeding animals it was a bit of a shock to the system .. almost pleasantly so (despite the close shave).

Another example of this was when I decided to swim across a river near a waterfall … and discovered the pull of the water has a massive impact on you!

swim fast and hard, or you're going over!!

swim fast and hard, or you’re going over!!

I did find the number of quests overwhelming at times .. possibly I was greedy trying to complete everything offered, but not only did you get the standard quests (quest givers asking you to do stuff for them), but you also had “path” quests that related to your chosen path and bonus quests that related to something you’d just done.

For example, the path I’d chosen was Explorer (considering the amount of times I fell off trees, mountains and over waterfalls, possibly not the best choice, in retrospect), so I got additional quests that were either general (explore an entire area) or more specific (reach the top of the mountain to put down surveillance equipment).  So at one point I was trying to carry out a traditional quest, that took me close to the mountain needed to climb for the Explorer quest, so started up there, only to be given a bonus quest to use bouncy mushrooms to fly through the air, to catch little moths (on a timer).

By the time I’d finished that, I’d died three times falling off the mountain/over a waterfall/off a tree, managed to complete the bonus quest but neither of the other two, and become completely lost in the process.

I suspect there are also “world quests” of some sort, as I often saw special notifications stating a certain area/stage had been reached – but as I spent most of my time lost, I didn’t get that far :p

I did level up a few times and got to explore the Wildstar interface .. the character screen was fairly familiar, although some of the stat names were rather strange:

Moxie?  What sort of word is that?!

Moxie? What sort of word is that?!

As you gain levels, your stats improve, but you also get the chance to improve them yourself – primarily through gear upgrades.

HOW much choice?!

HOW much choice?!

You can also improve yourself using the “talent tree” … which seems rather overwhelming in itself.  I didn’t explore any talent trees for other classes, but suspect they are similar.  It has three primary role options, and three hybrid options … each with multiple paths and choices.

Each of those little gold buttons is an available choice, each of the padlocks showing what needs to be done to unlock those choices.

Choices, choices ..

Choices, choices ..

As your level goes up so, often, does the number of abilities you can choose from.  These abilities are sub-divided into types however, at least at the point I got to, you had more abilities than taskbar space to put them, so you have to choose wisely.  Your taskbar slots do slowly unlock as you increase in levels but, although there were additional task-bars to either side of the central interface, these seemed to be unable to hold your actual ability buttons .. only items from your bags, such as food.

Combat is rather interesting although, especially for the class I chose (Esper) it could be rather slow, as it required a build-up of a spell prior to casting it.  I suspect this the same for a lot of the combat, as Wildstar uses “telegraphed” moves .. basically for a lot of the high impact moves, the area it will affect is “telegraphed” on the ground prior to it hitting .. showing where it will hit and when.  This gives you the opportunity to move out of range or shows when to use interrupts/absorbs.

Combine that with the various spell graphics and floating combat text, I do wonder if this could make combat rather over-cluttered at times, although I’m assuming there will be options in the interface to tone it down some.

Here it comes ..

Here it comes ..

Overall, I enjoyed playing Wildstar and, if I had the time and money, I’d certainly consider playing it alongside World of Warcraft, not least because there are lots of it that I’ve not experienced and would love to try.  However, currently I have neither of those things, so WoW still wins out.

But it’s certainly not a cut and dried choice anymore, and I could imagine a lot of people would consider Wildstar a major contender.  Let’s just hope that Blizzard picks up some pointers from Wildstar the same way they have done in the past with other, newer MMO’s than WoW.

Feeling Let Down .. a follow-up

My last post explained the happenings of our baby alliance guild, and the problems caused by acting quickly when the status of the guild leadership changed.

Since then, myself and the member who had been entrusted with leadership of the alliance guild have had a good long chat and resolved the problems.  In effect, we’ve hugged and made up, and all is right with the world.

But this has outlined how easy it is to cause offence, to view actions taken and words said in ways that they were never intended to be viewed – especially when you don’t know people “in real life”, it is easy to assume the worst of people.  Everything that occurred over the last few days could have been avoided if contact had been maintained … if I had been more on the ball and realised in good time what might be happening with the guild leadership I would have had time to notify the guy who was leader, to get him back online.  If he had realised that the de-throning deadline was coming up, he could have simply logged in on that character – or contacted me to arrange something.

Instead, we were both being reactive rather than proactive – dealing with the fall-out rather than being aware ahead of time what needed to be done.

Hopefully, this can simply be viewed as something to learn from, but I’m even more concerned for the future of our baby alliance guild now – I really don’t want to spend even more time running a second guild, but if I had felt this guy was the best man for the job at the time, and I’ve been let down by him … what are my chances of getting someone who can fulfil my expectations?  Perhaps I’m just a control freak with stupidly high expectations (ask my husband, and he would certainly agree with that!!).

Feeling Let Down

Many moons ago, Blizzard announced their “connected realms”.  Following a lot of research, we (myself and guild members) came to the conclusion that our realm would probably be one of those that, eventually, would be “connected”.

Not realising it would take quite so long, we got all excited and decided to create another guild on the same realm, but on the other faction, so that we could experience the other side of things.  Most of us have a lot of alts and primarily play Horde, so were hoping that, when we got connected to another realm, we could create a bunch of Alliance alts on that realm, and still play together.

As I spend a lot of time looking after our Horde guild, I was looking for a volunteer out of those I trusted from our current guild, to run the Alliance one – initially just to keep things ticking over, but potentially to do the whole shebang – including online presence of website, facebook page, twitter, etc.

One of our well-respected high ranking Horde members volunteered to be that person – he regularly played, he was organised, he was level-headed and he already had high level alliance characters so knew the Alliance landscape.  Various of us created alts, we created the alliance guild and we had a brief flurry of activity.

Unfortunately, as the weeks slipped into months and very little was mentioned about connected realms, and nothing about ours, less and less people logged into the alliance guild – I popped in from time to time, but was basically hoping to level after the realms got connected, so didn’t do much.

Two days ago, I logged in after some time away, to discover the guild was pretty much in storage … the roster showed that most people had not logged in for months.  Including the GM.  He’d also not been online in the Horde guild for ages, and had not contacted us at all.  There was the odd character that had been on fairly recently, but I didn’t know them .. most characters had their “main” horde name in notes, but these didn’t.

I was a little concerned about this .. a guild member in our Horde guild had recently told us a tale of a previous guild they were in, where a similar thing had happened .. the GM had not logged in for months .. and then a random member from the guild had managed to take it over, demote or kick the other guild members and steal the contents of the guild vault.

Obviously I didn’t want this to happen .. not least because it had a link with our Horde guild and I didn’t want the Alliance “version” of our guild to get a bad reputation.

So this morning, when I logged in, I saw that the automatic dethroning process had kicked in, and immediately set about taking control.  My character was in the middle of no-where .. I had no access to mail boxes or banks and had no idea where the closest ones were – and to be honest that was not my immediate concern.  I simply wanted to ensure that the guild stayed linked to our other guild and in our control.

So I just clicked on the button to take control, changed the Message of the Day, posted a note on our website, our Facebook page and Twitter, letting people know, and assumed everything else would continue as normal.  I didn’t see any point in changing anything until the guild got used regularly.

Within a very short period of time, I received a very terse message from the guy I had entrusted the guild to, basically complaining that I hadn’t tried to contact him before the “takeover”, saying good luck and goodbye.

I was gutted.  I had acted immediately, in what I thought was for the best of intentions, yet here I was, my first contact for months from this guy, and he was basically accusing me of taking part in a hostile takeover.

Twitter isn’t the best place to go into any detail, although I tried to explain myself.  I also apologised and said if he wanted it back, he could – that I’d just done what I had done, to safeguard the guild.

He sent a reply saying he just wanted his stuff back from the guild vault (he’d apparently been using one of the tabs as a private, personal storage area) and to be done with it.  That he wasn’t planning on playing again until Warlords came out.

So I logged in, only to find that he’d removed his one alt from the guild, and sent me roughly the same message in-game (he wanted his stuff back) – but he wasn’t online.  I logged into our main Horde guild to find that he had already been online and removed all of his characters from that guild too.

Now I feel awful.  I feel really bad that this guy, who I’d always admired and liked, now views me as an untrustworthy guild-grabber.  I’m wondering if I should have waited until I’d managed to contact him direct prior to acting – but then would I have left it too late?

I’m also feeling let down by him.  I’m very proud of our Horde guild.  I helped create it in early 2007 – I was an officer for a while, then when the GM gave up playing, he handed the reins to me.  I’ve been running it since then, with the help of a few officers, but mostly (and I’m sure those officers won’t object to my saying this) on my own.  I’ve organised the vault, the roster, raiding, raiding alliance, potential mergers, recruitment, websites, twitter and facebook virtually solo, simply leaning on the officers when things got too much.

When the opportunity came to create the Alliance guild, I wanted the same for the future of that guild, but just knew that I was unlikely to have time to do the same for that guild as I do for our main guild.  When this particular guy stepped up and volunteered, I was relieved.  It was in safe hands.

Yet I feel let down that, although the guild isn’t particularly busy at the moment, and requires little admin, the one thing that SHOULD have been done (the GM to turn up occasionally, to keep the guild safe), didn’t happen.

I spend hours and hours every week NOT playing WoW, because I’m looking after the Horde guild.  Was it too much to ask, for someone to simply turn up occasionally on the alliance guild, to keep it safe for us?  And now, I’M the one feeling like I should back down, apologise, that I’m in the wrong for doing just that?

I don’t know – it may be just that I’ve finally succumbed to the cold that my family has been infecting our house with, and my brain has gone all mushy – notwithstanding hindsight, what would you have done, especially bearing in mind the horror stories I’ve heard about other guild take-overs?

A Call for Change

You may have noticed I’ve done a few posts recently about PuG groups, and my experience in them.

Luckily I’m fairly thick skinned and, even when something REALLY annoys me in a group, I try not to let it show in my interaction with other group members.  But boy, it’s sometimes difficult!

My general policy is that, if it is possible to live with the person causing the problem until the end of the instance, then I will, for the good of the group.  However, at that point I will generally tell them that they are going on “ignore” and have lost a potential healer for future groups.  If they’ve been particularly bad, I’ll report them too.  Admittedly this means that I reduce the pool of available group members, but I’d rather wait for another 10 minutes than have to deal with a torrent of abuse, etc, from a bad PuG.

Unfortunately, the /Ignore option in WoW sorely needs an overhaul.

Why, for example, when I ignore someone on say, my shammy healer, does that person also not become ignored on any of my other characters?  It’s not like they’re going to be any better to be around just because I’m on a different character, and why should I allow them that benefit?

Looking at it another way … why, when I ignore someone, am I only “ignoring” that one character?  It’s not that character that is a horrible person, or a bad player .. it is the person in control … and they’re not likely to be any more polite just because they’re on a different character.

They don’t know me … I could be their next door neighbour, their school friend, their mom, their dad, their grandad, their nan … I could be a new player to the game taking my first gaming steps, I could be 12 or 13 … I could have some severe disability or suffer from depression … we’ve seen the stories before, we know that all sorts play, and one of the massive benefits of WoW is that it doesn’t matter WHO you are … what matters is HOW you play, how you interact with people … and how you do that can affect people in dramatic ways, for good or bad.

Taking the point further … that when you click that “ignore” button, you should be able to ignore an entire account, with your entire account … this action should also be noted against each account.  There should be a note against the person being ignored, and a note against the person doing the ignoring.  Over time, as that “ignore” button is pressed, there should be some result … those who have a large amount of notes against their account should feel the consequences .. especially for those getting a lot of ignores against them.  And they should be able to see these rack up .. there should be a viewable section on their character or account screen, that shows how many times that button has been pressed, the current consequences (say, lower in queues, or only being placed with others of a similar “rank”) and where the next consequence is likely to happen (ie, “after 2 more ignores against this account, you will no longer be able to queue with any random players”).

There should also be a wearing-off period, where, over time, the earlier ignores drop off .. so that, if they behave themselves, slowly their “ignore” rank will head back towards a neutral setting … what do you think?

The Good & the Bad of PUGs

I’m going to get to the point soon where I might rename this blog “name and shame” !!  Perhaps it’s because the times I can get in to level my shammy tend to coincide with those times that the rudest players are mainly on, I don’t know, but I’m experiencing a lot of inconsiderate players at the moment.  The problem is, a bad dps isn’t a major concern .. it’s usually fairly easy to get another one and generally a bad dps simply means they’re having problems with doing damage or hitting the wrong thing, or standing in the wrong place, and often dying .. the worse that can happen is that they stay dead :p

As I’m the healer, obviously I don’t have any (major) problems with the healing (although I have occasionally nearly let someone die because I got distracted *eek*) .. but it seems that a lot of the rude/inconsiderate players are tanks.  I’m assuming (hoping) that they are actually simply inexperienced, don’t know how it’s supposed to work and have just queued as a tank because it comes up as an option and it means instant/faster queues.  Some of these “tanks” can’t really be classed as bad players .. I’ve had them before who are immensely apologetic .. they try hard and quite often we can muddle through an instance regardless .. but it’s all about self and group awareness – especially for the tank who is supposed to be keeping threat on everything around him.  The worst player is the one who (a) doesn’t know how to fulfil his role and (b) blames someone else for his lack (unfortunately, usually the healer).

Today, I came across a pair of bad players who also happened to be inconsiderate and downright rude .. a dps/tank combo.  Luckily the rest of the group were nice and obviously felt the same as I did … here’s a little bit of the “conversation” (I’ve removed most of the names, but didn’t feel the urge to be kind to those who weren’t kind to me!):

[Me]: hi
[DPS]: hello

This is the point where the second pull happened, which was a huge one .. two or three packs of mobs.  I kept most alive, but one dps (I’ll let you guess which), died under a massive pounding that was not healable …

[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: NOOB HEALER
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: RESS
[Me]: i know :p
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: noob
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: bb healer
[Me]: hmm .. and who was dead?
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: kick healer
[Me]: do what you like .. it wasnt a healing problem :p
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: noob u are healer so heal me!!!!!!!!!1
[Me]: you are dps .. so dps without pulling threat!!!!
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: lol
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: go fucking away
[Me]: and be nice to the healer, or you don’t get healed :p
[Notnot-BurningSteppes]: unibet are is my friend he pulling for me
[DPS]: It’s saturday morning, you get the rude kids playing. I’d rather kick the abusive one 🙂
[Me]: cool .. in that case, can we just agree that only the tank should have threat .. anyone else should be able to tank if they pull
[DPS]: Agreed 🙂
[Me]: unless its healer aggro .. which is caused by having to spam heal 😛

For info, if you can’t guess, Notnot is the “tank” …

We managed another couple of packs, then they pulled an entire room between them .. silly amount of mobs, some of whom were doing fears, spell-locks and stuns ..

[Me]: pulled enough:?
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: NOOB HEALER
[Notnot-BurningSteppes]: noob HEALER
[Notnot-BurningSteppes]: rees
[Me]: omg really?  did you see how many you pulled?
[DPS]: You ttwo are idiots, no healer could have healed thrugh that.

We dusted off, started again .. same thing happened … (you would have thought they would learn?!)

[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: ak0pjo
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: afw
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: afj’anfwj
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: dfak´0afijpafsi9jafii’afwaifjua
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: NOOB HEALER
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: fuck u
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: noob
[Unibetkiller-BurningSteppes]: noob
[Notnot-BurningSteppes]: NOOB HEALER COME ON
[DPS]: Unibetkiller you are wearing heirlooms yet your dps is CRAP so SHUT UP!
[DPS]: Leave him dead, it won’t make a difference 🙂
[Me]: ok .. just so you know .. you can kick me if you like .. but you two are a nightmare, are getting reported and ignored, and will have one less healer to queue with
[Notnot-BurningSteppes]: shut up you are noob
[DPS]: Hehe, good move 🙂
[DPS]: Choose your friends more wisely Notnot.

This was the point where someone initiated a kick for “Unibetkiller”, which went through, and then the “tank” Notnot decided it would be best to pull the entire instance and then leave …

We waited only a minute or so (which was spent on a corpse run!) before we got another tank who, if he’d stuck around long enough at the end of the instance, I would have hugged until he squealed .. he did his job perfectly, no-one died, virtually no-one needed healing and it went a smooth as butter on hot toast ….

My worries are two-fold .. firstly, in order for that bad dps to get heirloom gear, I’m assuming he had to have at least one high level character?  I really hope he doesn’t raid or do any “serious” instances with random people; secondly that both of them will continue being a nuisance right up to pugging at maximum level because not enough people will ignore them … or .. the only people left open to pug with them are newer players, who will have a very bad experience and not know how to deal with it.

As a final word .. if anyone reading this finds that they are going into random groups and regularly dying, perhaps you should look in the mirror before blaming others …

The Joy of Pugs

Just a short one … I’ve been trying to sneak in the odd instance run to get poor old Sprowt levelled a little and, on the whole, I’m rather enjoying it.  But when did virtually EVERY SINGLE pugger become an arse?

I’ve been zoning in as usual, ready to go, prepared for the usual go-go tank who doesn’t wait for the rest of the group to turn up before pulling, for the inevitable hunter who Needs on EVERY .. SINGLE … THING … and then lies about it, for the split in the group where the tank goes one way and at least one dps goes another (and then I get blamed for letting someone die!), for the tank who decides everyone else needs to run constantly to keep up .. even the dead …

However, I knew it was going to be a bad one today when I zoned in and the first thing the tank said was:

 [Snorärgott-Azuremyst]: if the healer sucks i report u bitch to the cop

Then proceeded to pull a couple groups of mobs and a random rare, without bothering to keep aggro .. and then shouted at me to heal him.

I have to admit I did lose my temper a little bit and swore at him … and because I really couldn’t be responsible for my actions when I got the inevitable backlash from his death, I reincarnated, left the group, reported and ignored him.  If we’re really lucky, enough healers will put him on ignore and he’ll have a hard time getting a group.

Rather ironic that the current guild he is in, is called “Socialize” … he obviously needs to work on that a bit …