VonFeasel and Feasel .. the Dodgy Darkmoon Duo


There is a new Feasel in town, so I thought I’d let you know the team that I use.  This team works for both Feasels .. for the original one, you could probably swap a levelling pet in too – it just depends on luck, really.

This is the team I use:


Personal World Destroyer: Metal Fist, Repair, Quake

Fluxfire Feline: Pounce, Flux, Supercharge

Darkmoon Tonk: Missile, Shock and Awe, Lock-on

As you can see, they’re all mechanical.

For VonFeasel, I find the best tactic is group damage .. I prefer to kill them all, slowly, than have to pick them off one at a time .. not least because his second pet, Mr Pointy, does a lot of damage, so taking most of his health before he even gets to attack seems like a sound plan!

So I start off with the PWD and Quake.  This lasts three turns and does damage to the full enemy group (although Syd may avoid most of it).  Once that has finished, I’ll go for Repair, which also lasts three turns.  You will probably find that on the second turn, PWD dies .. but being mechanical he comes back and then repairs up to full strength.  Do another quake, and then a couple of Metal Fist.  He will probably die at this point.

Next I bring in the Fluxfire Feline (who has always been my go-to pet for Darkmoon Faire anyway).  if Syd is unprotected, use pounce first to take some health off him, and then use Supercharge and Flux (otherwise go straight to Supercharge and then Flux) .. remember, we’re trying to take as much health as possible off the back-line pets.

After that, I just play it by ear.  Syd should be about dead by this point so finish him off with Pounce .. if you’re lucky the Feline will still be alive to take out Mr Pointy and start on Otto – once the Feline dies, bring in the tonk and use Shock and Awe and Missile.  It should only take a few shots to finish Otto off.

You can then heal up your pets and take on the original Mr Feasel – and I basically use the same tactics for him.  If you’re careful, you can probably bring in a lower level pet (but not too low) in order to gain some experience .. I’d recommend starting with the lower pet, as the Darkmoon Eye (Judgement) doesn’t do a lot of damage generally .. then just swap him out for the PWD and continue on from there.  You may need to bring your levelling pet back in to finish off  Fezwick but it is just a matter of experimentation.

Enjoy 😉


5 thoughts on “VonFeasel and Feasel .. the Dodgy Darkmoon Duo

  1. I was actually disappointed at how easy the new DMF trainer was 😦 I just had to swop out one pet from the original DMF team, like you I went for mechanical (the Iron Starlette one shots the cow when you use windup/supercharge/windup) and first time done no worries. I did battle him on Beta and managed to defeat him pretty easy on there so I was sure they would beef him up for live but oh well.

    I do use the original DMF to level up pets as long as their HP is high enough its usually not a problem, quite a few elementals have been levelled that way 🙂

    Still waiting on my Syd the Squid which I really want as my youngest daughter is called Sydney and we have always called her Squidney and she has a nickname of calamary at school 😀 no drop for me yet though.

      • Yes, I was a bit surprised .. I’m usually rubbish at working out what works with trainers and have to research them but it didn’t take long at all to find a decent team. I did start off with a non-mechanical team, but they didn’t work out very well .. however, I think I might give that proto-whelp a go.

        I haven’t got a squid either yet .. but wasn’t really expecting to. It took me ages to get my first Darkmoon Eye (and got a second one this week!).

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