Feeling Let Down .. a follow-up

My last post explained the happenings of our baby alliance guild, and the problems caused by acting quickly when the status of the guild leadership changed.

Since then, myself and the member who had been entrusted with leadership of the alliance guild have had a good long chat and resolved the problems.  In effect, we’ve hugged and made up, and all is right with the world.

But this has outlined how easy it is to cause offence, to view actions taken and words said in ways that they were never intended to be viewed – especially when you don’t know people “in real life”, it is easy to assume the worst of people.  Everything that occurred over the last few days could have been avoided if contact had been maintained … if I had been more on the ball and realised in good time what might be happening with the guild leadership I would have had time to notify the guy who was leader, to get him back online.  If he had realised that the de-throning deadline was coming up, he could have simply logged in on that character – or contacted me to arrange something.

Instead, we were both being reactive rather than proactive – dealing with the fall-out rather than being aware ahead of time what needed to be done.

Hopefully, this can simply be viewed as something to learn from, but I’m even more concerned for the future of our baby alliance guild now – I really don’t want to spend even more time running a second guild, but if I had felt this guy was the best man for the job at the time, and I’ve been let down by him … what are my chances of getting someone who can fulfil my expectations?  Perhaps I’m just a control freak with stupidly high expectations (ask my husband, and he would certainly agree with that!!).


2 thoughts on “Feeling Let Down .. a follow-up

  1. I wonder if some of the differences stem from him considering it ‘his’ guild, rather than an offshoot of DW, obviously you care very strongly about DW and any associated activities so as it was pegged as a “DW on the Alliance” Guild I can see why you were so concerned about its welfare and who would manage it going forward, I am not sure that he saw it as quite so strongly linked.

    As you know I have a separate guild where I keep one or two toons for stealth levelling, when I feel like being ignorant and just playing solo, and I use this guilds bank as personal storage, I know a lot of people have a bank guild so its not unusual. It just seems like LW was being used like a bank guild for this guy so he was considering it his own personal banking system.

    I am glad that you have resolved the issue between you, it is difficult conversing with someone via email, website, forum and ingame chat, its never the same as actually talking.

    Sadly I have no Alliance toons on LB and no space for anymore so can’t offer to take on the reigns, I am also too unreliable in my gaming habits as well which I am sure you have noticed lately 😛 so would not be the best choice anyway. However, having been a guild leader and an officer before I honestly do admire the dedication and time and effort you put in to DW, it makes it the great and long standing guild that it is and allows it to live on through inevitable guild drama, which you cant avoid when you have such a mixed player base. I guess a little example of guild drama is me (no height pun intended), I am sorry to say that my choice to raid, or not to raid as is currently the case, is completely coloured by an individual in the raiding team now who just makes raiding so not fun for me that I dont want to sign up. Sometimes I even log off from the guild when he is on because he gets on my nerves so much, you dont really have that luxury and have to give up a lot to be a guild leader. Its one of the reasons I wasnt that good at it myself, and wouldnt want to guild lead again.

    While all this goes on the guild is in great hands and will survive and prosper and whilst you probably feel under appreciated I hope you realise that those of us that have been around a while completely appreciated your dedication to the guild and your ability to manage so many individuals who can sometimes be a bit needy, myself included.

    Anyway sorry about the rant….turned into a longer post that I had originally planned! 😛

    • haha .. yes it did turn into a wall of words to rival the Bear Walls of old 🙂 But your comments are much appreciated.

      I didn’t realise (or perhaps I’ve forgotten?) that you had a problem in-guild with someone … can we chat in-game about it some time, see if we can resolve it? It might just be that the person referred to needs his behaviour pointing out to him to smooth things over? Unless it’s kad .. I can just reach over and poke him :p

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