A Call for Change

You may have noticed I’ve done a few posts recently about PuG groups, and my experience in them.

Luckily I’m fairly thick skinned and, even when something REALLY annoys me in a group, I try not to let it show in my interaction with other group members.  But boy, it’s sometimes difficult!

My general policy is that, if it is possible to live with the person causing the problem until the end of the instance, then I will, for the good of the group.  However, at that point I will generally tell them that they are going on “ignore” and have lost a potential healer for future groups.  If they’ve been particularly bad, I’ll report them too.  Admittedly this means that I reduce the pool of available group members, but I’d rather wait for another 10 minutes than have to deal with a torrent of abuse, etc, from a bad PuG.

Unfortunately, the /Ignore option in WoW sorely needs an overhaul.

Why, for example, when I ignore someone on say, my shammy healer, does that person also not become ignored on any of my other characters?  It’s not like they’re going to be any better to be around just because I’m on a different character, and why should I allow them that benefit?

Looking at it another way … why, when I ignore someone, am I only “ignoring” that one character?  It’s not that character that is a horrible person, or a bad player .. it is the person in control … and they’re not likely to be any more polite just because they’re on a different character.

They don’t know me … I could be their next door neighbour, their school friend, their mom, their dad, their grandad, their nan … I could be a new player to the game taking my first gaming steps, I could be 12 or 13 … I could have some severe disability or suffer from depression … we’ve seen the stories before, we know that all sorts play, and one of the massive benefits of WoW is that it doesn’t matter WHO you are … what matters is HOW you play, how you interact with people … and how you do that can affect people in dramatic ways, for good or bad.

Taking the point further … that when you click that “ignore” button, you should be able to ignore an entire account, with your entire account … this action should also be noted against each account.  There should be a note against the person being ignored, and a note against the person doing the ignoring.  Over time, as that “ignore” button is pressed, there should be some result … those who have a large amount of notes against their account should feel the consequences .. especially for those getting a lot of ignores against them.  And they should be able to see these rack up .. there should be a viewable section on their character or account screen, that shows how many times that button has been pressed, the current consequences (say, lower in queues, or only being placed with others of a similar “rank”) and where the next consequence is likely to happen (ie, “after 2 more ignores against this account, you will no longer be able to queue with any random players”).

There should also be a wearing-off period, where, over time, the earlier ignores drop off .. so that, if they behave themselves, slowly their “ignore” rank will head back towards a neutral setting … what do you think?


5 thoughts on “A Call for Change

  1. When you ignore someone on the battle net forums that applies to the whole account not just the character they’re currently posting on, any veteran of the PvP forums figures that out pretty fast so it suggests that Blizzard should be able to apply the same sort of system to in-game.

    • I didn’t realise that happened on the forums … so it shows that the system is already in place, it just needs linking up and fine-tuning.

  2. I agree with you that an account wide ignore feature would be amazing. There are quite a few trade trolls that have made it onto the ignore list of my toons and when I”m on a new alt and I see them in trade I often wonder how they got off my ignore list lol. I would love to see some sort of tallying system – if you have a toon that is ignored by a large majority of their home realm.. maybe that person should be looked at a bit more closely.

    • Very true … I’m kinda hoping that principal is already being applied to those ignored/reported in pugs already, but I suspect I’m hoping in vain! I think the current system is probably only touching on the surface of what is possible, but they currently just seem to be coasting along with almost a sticking-plaster solution rather that dealing with it properly.

      • I happened to look at my little lvl 80 priest’s ignore list today. She hasn’t had much played time being a RAF toon and I noticed that her ignore list was full of names, so something in wow’s ignore system is account wide. A lot of the names were PVP bank ones and they used to send me battlenet requests all the time – so I don’t know if its just account wide for people that use your btag to send friends requests but obviously there is som account wide system in place already, now to expand on it 😉

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