LFR fun

I ventured into LFR last week.  I do every week, with varying degrees of success.  I have a limited time, on a limited number of days, so fitting in the ones I want to do is difficult, especially once you factor in the queue time, the occasional wipes, ending up in part-run groups, etc.  So generally I make it a policy to queue for each (of the new) LFR’s once for each section .. if I get in on one part way through, I do that, and then it’s unlikely I’ll do the rest that week.

I successfully joined a group for a fresh LFR – no bosses down, clean run.  But one of the tanks was just stood there doing nothing.  His mate – same realm, same guild, explained that his friend was out walking the dogs.  Out .. walking .. dogs.

So he’d queued .. and then in effect put himself on “follow”.  His friend had some minor control over his character, but basically it was a “stand in the corner” type of control.

We successfully dealt with all the trash (despite a few mishaps), and then completed the first boss (still with only one tank).

To be honest, I was more than a little gobsmacked that I was the only one who thought this was completely out of order .. or perhaps most people just decided that, if they kicked the AFK tank, his friend would leave as well, then we’d have to suffer a long wait for replacements.

Is this it?  Are we consigned now to having to put up with such behaviour, just because we’re afraid of the consequences?

The tank (who wasn’t AFK), was quite verbal in complaining about various members of the ranged dps group .. not moving out of stuff, not attacking the right target, etc.  He was basically in criticize mode .. yet he saw nothing wrong with dragging an AFK friend around with him.

Once we got to the second boss, the AFK tank was back .. he didn’t say a word .. as far as I can tell, he said nothing throughout the entire raid.

We successfully downed the second boss .. following a couple of wipes .. again whilst being provided with a commentary by the main tank about how individuals were doing it wrong.  And it wasn’t a helpful suggestion type commentary .. it was the name-calling variety.

Generally I go into LFR with a feeling of amusement .. normally the usual bitching that goes on doesn’t affect me, I find it mildly amusing.  If someone is bitching at someone else, and they’re getting as much as they’re giving .. its just a spectator sport.  As long as bosses are going down, doesn’t bother me.

On this occasion though, by the time we’d gotten to the last boss, and we’d wiped a couple of times, and the tank was in full flow about how bad one particular ranged dps was .. I snapped.  Yes .. I was fully aware that at least 4 or 5 people in the group were really bad at getting out of fire, of targetting the right things, of moving to the right place.  I know that because I could predict who I needed to heal every time a regular damage effect happened.

It wasn’t that the tank was complaining about people doing stuff wrong, it was that he had singled out one person.  He had gone on and on about one particular dpser .. and then I pointed out, quite politely, that we could not possibly wipe in LFR because of only one person.  Not during a boss fight that was pulled correctly, that we were all ready for, where the tank never lost threat.  At which point he started having a go at me.

Now, bearing in mind that there were 23 other people in this raid group.  TWENTY THREE.  One was the guy the tank had been picking on, that I stuck up for.  Another was the AFK tank that eventually deigned to turn up.  The rest had been witness to the whole saga.  And you know what happened?  Nothing.  Are people aware this game we play is an MMO?  Or do they treat it as a single player game with dodgy NPCs?  Would they have stood by and done nothing if that had happened in, say, a pub?

Quite possibly.

At the end of the day, I simply left the group.  I was being of no help being there (other than some healing .. and they had 5 others for that), I was obviously classed as someone who was just interfering with the job at hand, and I was getting quite stressed about the whole situation, bearing in mind the barrage I was getting from the tank.  I made sure I put the tank on “ignore” so I wouldn’t have to put up with him again, and once again wished that there was an ignore list that covered your full account.



3 thoughts on “LFR fun

  1. So many instances like that can spoil the game for a lot of people. Hope your next LFR is a lot more pleasant. I need to remember to put these bozos on ignore for just that reason. Luckily for me it doesn’t happen too often where I’d need to.

    • I have had LFR groups that were much better … before and since, but luckily I’m old enough and thick skinned enough to be fairly chilled about it, once I’ve calmed down. It certainly doesn’t entice me to do them unless there was something I wanted from them, but it also doesn’t put me off doing them again. I think you just have to be able to step back from it all, emotionally. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who is highly suggestible (when guildies want help in a group) and drawn to shinies … be they gear or pets.

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