Socks .. shy and retiring, or stealthy assassins?

My youngest son has recently been having a hard time finding socks.

Actually .. this isn’t entirely true … to rephrase, my youngest son has recently been having a hard time finding matching socks.

I caught him the other day wearing a pair with one of them having a hole in so big, that it covered more of his foot than the actual sock.  Apparently he “didn’t notice” *rolls eyeballs*.

We did find one pair that he’d rolled up into a ball and then thrown at his older brother – they lay where they had fallen, under his brothers bed.

He has a habit of taking off socks one at a time and leaving them in different places .. I find single socks in virtually every room in the house, rolled in a ball to keep warm, or spread out in a sun-beam like a cat.  They hide under the sofa, the computer room table, under toys and teddies .. sometimes they’re even ON teddies .. possibly to keep their toes and paws warm, or possibly in the process of absorbing them, Blob-like.

I’ve been rooting through the laundry basket, trying to find socks to wash, but find very few .. even at the bottom where things are warm and evolving (the basket sits over a central heating pipe!).  I occasionally find one in the floor close to the laundry basket, and the jury is still out as to whether or not the sock just didn’t make it in, or if it’s in the process of making its way out.  It has been suggested that I keep a baseball bat by the basket, just in case it’s the latter …

Regularly, when I do find a few to wash, I gather than up with the rest of the washing and carry the whole lot to the washing machine, only to realise that, lemming style, they have made a break for it … if I’m lucky I notice before the wash goes on and manage to round them up, otherwise they have ample time to find a quiet corner to hide in …


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