Time flies …

I was prompted very recently to revisit my blog when it was mentioned to me that I’d not posted anything for quite some time (thanks Navimie!)

So … what have I been doing in WoW over the last few months?

I’ve been blown away by the new expansion … loving the locations, the music, the humor, the storylines and the accessibility of it all.

I’ve levelled my “main” to 90 as she covers two of the required roles (healer and DPS) … plus as she’s the guild leader it felt right to make her my first 90.  Once I was comfortable with her gear and reputation level (getting exalted with everyone took some time, especially as I couldn’t bring myself to do all of them all at once), I started levelling my druid.

The druid “almost” turned into my main during the last expansion.  I found it horribly frustrating healing with my holy priest during the start of heroic dungeons with her so turned to the druid … to discover druid healing was like a breath of fresh air.  It seemed so much more powerful, yet relaxed … the only thing I really missed was a really good “eek” button, but there were ways around that, and if all else failed there was always the battle rezz!

One thing I did change with the druid for this expansion was her specs.  I had always played resto/feral … at the drop of a hat I could cover any role … tank, dps or healer … and I really enjoyed levelling like that too – the flexibility of being able to scrape at a bunch of mobs .. if it got too much turning to bear or, at really difficult moments, stunning them with a stomp, popping a few heals on, back to cat or bear to finish them off.

But with the advent of the new talent system they altered the druid specs so that you had to make a choice between either cat or bear.  I had never tried moonkin before and decided that it was a grand time to give it a go, not least because I would be able to ditch the 3.5 sets of gear (I had tinkered briefly with making a PvP set) that I’d been carting around.  At a pinch, at least to start with, any spell gear I got would double for both specs.

I’m still not sure if I’ll stick with moonkin …. cat was so much fun, even if I did get confused as to which way I was facing in a crowd sometimes!!

So … I was gradually levelling the druid when the brawlers guild patch came out and I decided, in my optimistic wisdom, that I’d buy one of the invites, get myself through the fights to the point where I could invite someone else, then give it away as a reward or prize in-guild.

Unfortunately there were two fatal flaws in my plan.  Firsty I’m an idiot.  Secondly I’m far too optimistic!

I thought I would be clever.  Because my priest, who would be the one most likely to use the brawlers guild, was always busy doing dailies, instances and raids, I decided to park my druid at the black market auction house.  Not only did she have nothing major to do with her time (I was in a levelling lull at the time), but she had instant travel form, making it much easier and quicker getting back and forth from the mailbox during all of those outbid auctions 😉

So I won. Spent an arm and a leg (luckily resto druids heal easily!) and had me my invite.   And then I realised it was soulbound .. I couldn’t mail it to my priest.   Aaahhh … its okay I hear you cry … you can learn it on any character and then it works over your whole account.  Hmmm .. but that only applies if you can actually learn it … which you can’t until you’re level 90. *sigh* *bangs head on table*

Anyway … it gave me an excellent reason to finish levelling!

As soon as I hit 90 on my druid I was in the brawlers guild and rapidly came to the conclusion that attempting it with a just-dinged 90 with rather dodgy gear and an even dodgier knowledge of how to play moonkin just would not cut it, so in I went with my priest in her facemelter spec.

https://i2.wp.com/www.icy-veins.com/images/brawlers-guild-mazhareen.jpgFollowing Icy Veins for advice I did okay, but currently I’m stalled on the cat, which is the last one of rank 3. I haven’t attempted it for a while though and have better gear now, so I should really give it another go :-)

Since then I’ve been doing a bit of achievement gathering, in a fairly ad-hoc manner. I’ve gone through the dailies and full quest line for the dominance offensive which I really enjoyed .. enough “one off” side quests to keep things interesting and wanting more – and without spoiling anything, the last set of quests were awesome!

I’ve also started with the battle pets … I came to that fairly late as I didn’t want to take time away from levelling my priest, but since then I’ve become a little addicted … not necessarily with the battles themselves, but more with the collecting so far. I’ve now got most of those wild ones, including the illusive minfernal, just the odd one left to get, plus those that drop from bosses or rares.

As for now … this week I’m running the Crown Chemical Co holiday boss daily with my only two characters that can .. I don’t think either can benefit from the random loot drops, I’m just, yet again, attempting to get the Love Rocket – I don’t hold out a great deal of hope though.

I’m also running LFR in order to try and get my secondary Sha-touched weapon.  I finally got the mace for my Priests healing spec so now it’s time to concentrate on getting the dps staff :-)

In guild, we’re having a rather strange time of it at the moment – some weeks we struggle to get a raid group up, other times we have a glut of people wanting to go.  We’re five bosses down in total .. four in Mogu’shan Vaults and the first in Heart of Fear.  Considering we’re a very part-time bunch of raiders, often only raiding for a few hours each week, I think we’ve done pretty well and, at the end of the day, we’re there for the fun of it and possibly the odd upgrade – downing a new boss is just icing on the cake 😉


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