Running round in Circles shouting “Wibble” …

Sometimes I feel like I’m going all out, full steam ahead, doing stuff constantly, yet not actually getting anything done. There is an email that has been doing the rounds for a while that is basically “a day in the life of” … joking about someone having an organised list of stuff to do, yet in the process of attempting to do them gets sidetracked doing other things and ending the day with exactly the same list as they started. That’s me.

Yes .. some things get done – but they’re all things that will have ceased to exist or have meaning within a few hours of having done them – hoovering, ironing, tidying – jobs that you do, you feel pleased having done them, yet you turn around soon after and discover exactly the same crumby carpet, pile of ironing and rubbish piles as were there shortly before.

Sometimes I find running a guild is similar – there are certain jobs that have to be done all the time, yet never disappear – adminstering to the guild vault, sorting out applications, organising raids, maintaining the website, keeping the guild roster maintained (notes about holidays, alts, promotions, etc).

Most of the time, I’m happy to do it – most of the time I break each bit down and do it as a matter of course as regular as possible. Sometimes though, things get in the way – it only takes one tiny thing to cause a complete knock on effect.

Take today. A fairly new guild member, still on the lowest rank of the guild, sent me a message via the in-game post system, asking how the promotions worked. He had asked a few members in guild and was a bit confused by the answers.

We do have this information readily available on our website, but I replied the same way expanding on the rules and stating that I would review his rank next time I did the roster check in the near future. As a result, he quit the guild, stating that a serious guild would take their own rules seriously, wouldn’t “forget” about guild member promotions and would treat guild members better that that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t taken this to heart – I’m not horribly upset that he’s gone – he was a new member, he didn’t cause a fuss, we organised a guild run in a low level instance for him to get a drake mount, but that was about the only time we really saw him on during an evening. Apparently he was on more during the day, but most members are evening people so perhaps we weren’t the best place for him anyway.

Unfortunately though, this had a knock on effect.

I was actually overdue to sort out the roster – he hadn’t fulfilled the requirements for promotion the last time I’d done a roster review, but he would probably have been due a promotion this time around so, as I was early back from work this afternoon I took the opportunity to log in with the intention of carrying it out.

Then I saw his message. Therefore I had to reply apologising he felt the need to move on and wishing him the best. I then had to analyse precisely why he felt the urge to leave and act on it. This resulted in a rethink about the wording of the guild rules for that particular rank (basically, the first rank is a probationary rank and new members must be there for at least two weeks prior to being promoted, in order to assess whether or not they are right for the guild).

The original wording could have been taken to mean that after the two weeks is up .. bam! … you’re promoted. Of course, most people would employ common sense at this point and realise this will not happen, however … *shrugs*. So I’ve now changed the wording to state that if they fulfil all of the requirements, they will then become ELIGIBLE for promotion.

Then I had to add another paragraph explaining that promotions didn’t happen on a daily basis, or even every week – it just simply depended on a number of things, including workload.

After that, I had to add messages to the other officers explaining what I had changed, and why.

After that, I had to add a news item to the website alerting guild members to the guild rule changes (not least because it was worrying that apparently the person who left was given 3 different answers regarding promotions).

So, instead of spending an hour sorting through the roster, updating it and posting the results to the website, I spent two hours doing the above – all because of one in-game message.  And I still haven’t sorted out the roster.

Of course, none of that matters if I don’t do my job properly and, as the ex-guild member rightly stated, stick to the guild rules – even if he did take them more literally than intended.  So I shall have to make more of an effort in future to integrate this particular duty into my routine.

It would just be nice, occasionally, for those who intend to spend 10 minutes of their life writing me a message telling me what a crap job I do, to actually spend that time instead considering that I have a life too, that I spend perhaps 50% of my free time that most would spend playing WoW simply organising the guild and guild website – and wonder if perhaps their complaint is a tad selfish considering the time I put aside to make their play time more enjoyable.

/whinge off


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