New Recruitment Addon

Patch 4.1 brought a new interface option in the form of the “Guild Finder”.  This could potentially make recruiting and finding a new guild much easier than in the past – where you had to basically go for word of mouth, trawl the realm forums and basically do a lot of donkey work.

In reality though, this simply gives a slightly easier way for guilds to make their recruitment presence/needs known, and a head start for someone looking for a guild (unless they’re not particularly fussy).  It is very restrictive – you cannot see if any of those who have applied are online at the time you are viewing their applications, you can only “accept” an applicant if they are online at that time and the option to “send message” simply sends them a whisper … which again will not work if they’re offline.

Our guild, like a lot of others, is happy to recruit new members, but will not do so in-game.  We have been burnt in the past by inviting anyone who asked for it – you potentially end up with completely unsuitable people for your guild type, leading to drama and bad behaviour.   We request that people who want to join us first check out our website, get a feel for the type of guild we are before even thinking of applying.  Once they are happy that we are suitable for them, we ask they fill in a short application form so that we can assess if they are suitable for us.

This method of recruiting, although it may have excluded some that would have fitted right in, has lead to a much happier, calmer guild.

This doesn’t mean that we cannot use the Guild Finder though.  We have simply included in the notes that anyone wishing to join, should apply via the website.

Of course, people being people, this request doesn’t always work (and it wasn’t helped by the recruitment text we type to advertise ourselves being cut short on the actual guild finder) – the first week has seen more than two dozen applications through the guild finder – many of which included no information about themselves whatsover other than their level and role.

To begin with, I simply created a standard template that I copy/pasted into the in-game mail, sending each one of them a message thanking them for their application but that we only accepted applications via the website, and directing them there.  Then each one was individually removed from the guild finder applicants list.

This was slow and unwieldy, however, so I was rather pleased to discover a new addon has been created for just this problem – “Recruitment Enhancement“.

With this addon, it will tell you if an applicant is online whilst you are viewing their application, you can create multiple templates and choose which one to send an applicant (you need your “mailbox” open for this to work – something that took me nearly half an hour to work out!!), you can delete individual applications or all at once, you can view previous correspondence you have sent via the addon – even if you have removed the applicant from your list.

In short, it does what the guild finder should have done in the first place and is invaluable for those of us who would rather not spend hours corresponding with people who can’t read a simple advert, but are not mean enough to just refuse applications without a reason.


3 thoughts on “New Recruitment Addon

  1. Glad to see you find the tool useful, I’m the developer of it after seeing some of the limitations of the /gf 🙂 I think it’s through it’s beta testing and will be made available as a final release shortly 🙂


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