Banned, still

As an update to my previous post about this … I’ve still not had a good answer as to why I was banned.  My ticket was eventually answered with a vague “well we answered the question you asked right at the beginning, so the ticket is closed”, so I assumed from this that I needed to open up a ticket specifically asking the question as to why I was banned.  As it had taken several days to get any sort of reply, I also PM’d (private messaged) one of the mods who had been understanding of my problems in the past, but I received no reply.

Getting desperate to understand the situation, when I posted the second ticket I also sent a message to the only other person I knew there, who had administered the original Wowstead site and with whom I had had several good natured chats with in the past, in the hopes that I may at least get someone to look at it favourably.

The ticket I posted was as follows:

Several days ago I discovered a widget on the website that I didn’t want showing, but couldn’t work out how to remove, so posted in the support forums asking for help.  A mod called Brighttree PM’d me asking if the problem had been solved, as they couldn’t see the widget I was talking about on my site.

I replied, both to Brighttree’s PM, and on the forum with a screengrab showing the widget in question.  The picture did not show anything other than what was necessary to show it’s context on the site.  I posted nothing more on the forum and received no replies.

Brighttree and I exchanged several PM’s where he/she said they would speak to someone else to see if there was a resolution, but suggesting a support ticket may be necessary.  I went to reply, to ask if I should put a ticket in, when I found that I was unable to “send” my reply, getting an error message.  As error messages whilst sending PM’s isn’t entirely unknown, I just assumed there was a glitch and tried again.  I then received the message that I had been logged out.

When I tried to log in again, I got the message that I had been banned.

Prior to this, I had had no warning from anyone.

I posted a ticket here (as I was unable to do anything else), stating all this:

I was sure it was simply a mistake, however, I received a reply saying that nothing could be done about the banning, but that permissions could be changed for me on the website to stop anyone else making any changes to it.  I replied that that wasn’t what I wanted, which apparently then triggered the complete deletion of the site.

I replied again, asking why this had all happened, and have received a reply 4 days later basically saying that the ticket has been closed as the stated problem on it had been resolved.

I assumed from this that I needed to open another ticket in order to get an answer as to why I was banned.

I am therefore specifically asking the question “Why was I banned”?

It does seem strange to me that I was banned so suddenly, yet many days and requests later, still no-one has been unable to answer this question.  Has it been a computer glitch that no-one can understand?  Has someone done it in a fit of spite and no-one wants to admit to it?  Or have I contravened some rule I didn’t know about?

If its either of the first two, I would expect an investigation, an explanation and an unbanning (and an apology).  If it is the latter, I apologise profusely yet would still like to know what this rule was – surely it must be easy enough to tell me if this is the case.

Please answer my question.  I realise that some support staff really don’t like me, but I don’t see why personal opinions should play a part here.  In the past I tried hard to help other customers of wowstead, answering many problems when the support teams seemed unable to do so – at the very least I think I’m owed an explanation.

The person who I’d PM’d, who used to moderate and look after the old wowstead, actually answered the ticket (although I do use the term “answered”, rather loosely):

When using WowStead, or any Curse site you agree to the Terms of Service set forth by Curse Inc..  You agree to them upon creating a WowStead Account as well as every time you log in and use any of the services provided.

User Submissions
(viii) act in any manner that negatively affects other users’ ability to use the Websites.

(iii) publish falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage Curse or any third party;

(iv) submit material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, harms minors in any way or is otherwise inappropriate, as determined by Curse in its sole discretion;

(v) post advertisements or solicitations of business or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation;

Restrictions on Use
(iv) copy or distribute any part of the Websites in any medium without Curse’s prior written authorization;

(v) alter or modify any part of the Websites other than as may be reasonably necessary to use the Websites for its intended purpose;

(x) “stalk” or harass any person or entity; or (xi) violate any applicable law, rule or regulation.

Your ban will remain in effect, and your site (was not deleted) but removed to prevent any of your members from accidentally paying for a subscription.  You have received your answer, and continuing to post tickets about it will result in a ban of the support site as well.

Which is basically a “shut up and go away, or we’ll ban you completely” post.

I have replied, at the risk of being banned completely, simply because I felt I had to say it:

I’m obviously very thick, because I still don’t understand which rule I’ve contravened, but at least I know now that it wasn’t persecution by only one individual.

Thank you.

Thank you both to yourself, Liz, and Jules, who at least tried to be helpful when Curse first took over Wowstead.

Obviously I could say a whole lot more, and I’m sure if you were in my position you’d understand that.  But I’m not going to simply because it isn’t worth me getting upset with it anymore.

I’ll just say that, when I was with wowstead and spread the word of how excellent they were, prior to the takeover, and how helpful and friendly everyone was, encouraging people to set up guild sites with you (as many did), it’s fair to say that from my experience here that the word I’ll be spreading now will be rather different.

None of what I tell people will be untrue or unlawful.

I just hope that, as I have learned from my experience with wowstead, both good and bad, you guys have too.


2 thoughts on “Banned, still

  1. Pretty much 😛 The whole situation has left me feeling rather stunned and persecuted. It also shows how much the mods know, when in one ticket I was told:

    “The content on your site has now been deleted, permissions removed, and the domain is inactive.

    We are very sorry that WowStead was not the right fit for you.”

    and the next:

    “your site (was not deleted) but removed to prevent any of your members from accidentally paying for a subscription.”

    How can anyone rely on anything any one moderator/support guy says, when they tell you different things?

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