A few of my least favourite things

I’m going to be a grumpy guts.  It happens occasionally (oy .. I saw that look!!).  I just felt the urge to write down a few of those things that really bugs me – because if I don’t, I feel my head will explode!

Lets start with the morning’s journey –

  • People parking in such a way as it forces pedestrians to walk in the road
  • Dog dirt (grrrrr)
  • People walking their dogs on those long extendable leads, in a busy area, and then looking at you as if you just tried to kill their dog when they trip you up
  • People looking both ways before crossing the road, seeing a car coming towards them …. and walking across the road anyway!  Usually pushing a pushchair/buggy or with a small child in tow. (/slaps forehead)

Then more general bugs:

  • People who see “free stuff” to be shared amongst a group, but then take more than their fair share (“because its free, and I’m allowed to!”)
  • People who take, demand and expect to be given special treatment – but never do the same in return.
  • People who spray body spray/deodorant at their desk at work, next to you – and then to add insult to injury, walk off and leave you choking in the aftermath.
  • People who whistle at work.  Constantly.  Out of tune.
  • Mice that outsmart the mousetrap and take the food!  (I feel escalation is in order!)

… and breath!


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