Sprowts birth

Sprowt had a struggle being created thanks to a very delayed delivery by Amazon.

I had preordered the collectors edition of Cataclysm from Amazon months in advance of its release, based on their promise of delivery on the day of release. Even when I realised that this would mean I would be actually playing up to a day later than everyone else due to the release in the UK being on the 6th December, not the 7th as advertised, I was happy to wait that extra day just for the privilege of getting the collectors edition.

Unfortunately things didn’t turn out like that, as amazon failed to deliver on the 7th. By the time two further days had passed I was no longer willing to wait and Amazon were very unhelpful, giving different stories to different people – so I went for the digital download which was very impressive. Within minutes my account had been upgraded and i was able to bring little sprowt into being.

The first area introduced the goblin race to you and gave you a job, a car and a couple of friends to help you on occasion. I found these quests okay but nothing special, other than the quests where you mingled was various party-goers – however as the story developed sprowt found herself marooned on an island “paradise”.

The island graphics are lovely, colourful and very sharp – aided no doubt by the improved water textures introduced in a pre-expansion patch.

So far this is as far as I’ve got and am thoroughly enjoying it – time will tell how things will develop at later levels.


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