Taunting, Tanking and Me

I’ve been playing around a little bit more with my paladin tank recently – generally the play style compared to a druid tank seems to be a lot more relaxed, but tonight I went out with a group of 3 guildees and pugged a healer.  We ended up in Halls of Lightning and seemed to do okay.  At least, as far as I can remember, no-one died until we got to the bit after the first boss where you need to run through the room of elementals to the stairs at the other side.

Now the druid healer that we had pugged, just before we were about to go in, dumped a couple of Heal over Time spells on me – fair enough, I’d taken a bit of damage on the last fight and needed topping up, so I waited until the HoT’s had run out before starting in.  The thing is, before they had finished, the healer was doing the VERY irritating “gogogogo” that puggers seem to delight in shouting.  I was just in the process of explaining I was waiting for his HoTs to run out, when he ditched us.  I mean, this was literally a few seconds wait – its not like we’d been stood around for ages.

So either he was an idiot, or I was.  Do druid Heal over Time spells cause healer aggro when they are healing the person they are on?  And if they do, should I have run through anyway and let the bugger die?

Anyway, we managed to attract another healer fairly quickly who, although rather conservative with heals (several times I popped a heal on myself or others before pulling another group, because he was just stood there), seemed a little more patient.  Although he did start rushing us around, saying he had “the runs” and needed to go to the toilet soon!  But after that, on several occasions people died.  At least one of those was my fault simply due to my placement compared to the rest of the group … but a lot of them were caused by me loosing threat.   I have been recommended an addon which will help me regain threat, called Tauntmaster, and it may simply have been a matter of the rest of the dps group completely out-gearing me – but when does it become the DPS’s fault for pulling aggro, rather than the tanks fault for not taunting back enough?

Once upon a time, back in the days before Wrath, if anyone gained threat other than the tank, they were dead … unless they did a lot of kiting.  Therefore everyone but the tank was very careful NOT to get higher than the tank on the threat table.  Now it appears to be a challenge to them, and the fault of the tank if threat is not regained before the offending party member dies.

As far as I am concerned, the ONLY party member who cannot help how much threat they generate is the healer – but even then there are techniques they can use to avoid getting too much too soon.  For example, healing at a distance if possible and ensuring they don’t heal at the start of a fight unnecessarily … indeed most classes have threat reducing abilities and talents too.


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