Dual levelling

Through some strange querk of fate, possibly helped along with a boredom that I get levelling characters at a certain point, I’m currently levelling a paladin and a Mage, both of whom are at the “just getting to Northrend” stage.

I think it’s the first time I’ve had this opportunity to compare levelling two completely different class types at the same time.

Both of them are immense fun for completely different reasons.

I’m levelling the paladin in tank spec (mainly because I’m allergic to corpse runs) and the Mage as fire, and they’re like chalk and cheese.

The paladin seems to be able to last forever – even on fights that previously I’ve only ever been able to do in groups, whilst the Mage has to be more circumspect – picking and choosing her fights carefully.

I have found that similar levelled mobs in Northrend seem to hurt more than those in Outland for my Paladin, meaning I need to kill them off quicker, meaning I run out of mana fairly easily – although it doesn’t seem to take much longer to kill them with my Mage, so as long as I can start the attack from maximum range, they’re usually dead before they reach my cloth wearer.

One main thing that I absolutely love is cold weather flying.  Now you can buy it with a level 80 on the same account and just mail it to the relevant alt, it is absolute heaven.  It saves huge amounts of time and effort – and besides, I just love swooping around, gawping at the view!


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