Learning tanking ropes

I absolutely loved levelling my Druid.

I found it so involving to be able sneak in cat form to complete some quest, sneak out and then take flight direct from stealthed cat to graceful bird all in one move – or find yourself a bit overwhelmed in cat form so switching into bear to take advantage of the extra armour – needing a quick heal so sticking in a stun, shifting into caster to pop a heal then getting back into bear before the target started beating on me again.

But when I hit 80 I fell out of love a bit. I’d been used to a strange mix of cat and bear, but at the time the guild needed healers and tanks, so my shadow priest become dual specced to holy and the Druid became a backup tank.

I adapted to healing quickly – perhaps because it was simply a short hop from ranged dps to ranged healing, but found tanking a completely different prospect.

I discovered that I was regularly having problems keeping threat on multiple targets, especially with dps used to backing up paladin tanks – and that the pallies made it look so easy and effortless.

So my Druid ended up sidelined – lonely and unloved.

And then I read Big Bear Butt’s blog recently, with his series of posts comparing Druid tanking to paladin tanking, and it all seemed to click.  It turns out I’m not a bad tank after all – probably not a brilliant tank, and certainly nowhere near as good as some in the guild, but definately not as bad as I thought.

Druid tanking just involves a lot more mobility (the curse of melée dps no doubt!) and a slower build up of threat.

So I’ve made myself a promise that I’ll try to practice more – I mean, if I enjoyed playing the druid so much in the first 79 levels, surely that shouldn’t have to change now …


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