Fighting deflation

I’ve mentioned before that the guild I’m in isn’t at the forefront of raiding, however as far as I’m concerned a guild first has the same feeling whether you’re just starting out or in a progressive raiding guild.

Last night the guild managed to down Malygos for the first time.  We had already been in earlier in the week and been fought to a standstill so we decided to pick ourselves up and have another go.

We had plenty of reasons to down the place – guild first, the achievement, the title (Champion of the Frozen Wastes) and the rewards.

When we finally killed the boss, it truly felt like an achievement – and one we could be proud of – so of course we were happy to shout it out and talk about it.

But now I feel rather deflated – for others of course it isn’t such a great achievement as they had managed it a long time ago, or they weren’t involved in the fight and perhaps feel left out – but at the end of the day you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time and it would just have been nice to keep that bubble unburst for a little while longer.  Ah well, perhaps the next achievement we’ll be able to keep the warm fuzzy feeling for longer!


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